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We offer only the highest-quality lumber for flooring. We stand behind every piece of white oak, red oak, hickory, hard maple and walnut we sell. And once you stand on them, you’ll stand behind them too.

The best floor is a flat floor. Our corkscrew sticks, weighted cover tops and kiln-drying make sure the boards don’t cup, crown, bend, twist or bow during the drying process. This result is flooring as flat as it is wide and straight as it is long.


While lumber manufacturing has changed over the decades, we feel like there are some things that shouldn’t. That’s why we slow-mold our planks at 130 to 170 lineal feet per minute compared to the current industry standard 450. 

Slow-molding requires less sanding, produces less waste and takes finish better. It also gives us more time to inspect, end match and side match our planks, making our floors fit better and lay faster.


There is a significant demand for “rustic” products that show the natural characteristics of wood. After one European client requested flooring with knots and sound character defects in the wood, we saw the answer to so many requests for a true and beautiful representation of how a tree produces wood. Named for its first owner, our “Euro Character” lumber feels more like nature than flooring in a home.