Delmhorst® Total Check 3-in-1 Concrete Moisture Meter (TCHECK/FP)

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Delmhorst Instrument Co. introduces a new meter for the restoration contractor, IAQ specialist, general contractor, and flooring installer. Total Check integrates both our pin and pin less technologies. Delmhorst’s new Total Check is a three-in-one moisture meter that enables you to identify problem areas in all building materials by quickly scanning large areas. Use the pin-mode to locate the exact source of moisture. You can also measure humidity and temperature using the RH sensor.

Delmhorst’s TotalCheck 3-in-1 meter measures moisture by pin and scan modes, and is fast acting, accurate, thermo-hygrometer. The removable RH sensor measures ambient temperature and RH, and calculate dew point and GPP. High levels of ambient humidity can be a warning sign at inspection jobs. RH is also a major concern when testing a concrete sub-floor. To address this concern, TotalCheck is designed to conform to the ASTM F-2170 standard to determine RH in a concrete slab using in-situ probes. Using TotalCheck to follow the ASTM F-2170 will provide useful information to minimize moisture-related flooring problems and failures.


Pin mode: 

  • 5%-60% wood scale 
  • Corrects for 69 individual wood over the range of 6%-60% MC 
  • Corrects for temperature over the range of 0-255°F/-18-124°C 
  • 0.1% - 6% sheetrock scale 
  • 0-100 numerical reference scale for non-wood building materials 

Scan mode: 

  • 0-300 numerical reference scale 

Thermo-hygrometer with RH sensor:

  • RH Sensor --  conforms to ASTM F-2170
  • Measures temperature over the range of -4-158F/-20-70C
  • Measures RH over range 0-100%
  • Calculates dew point
  • Calculates specific humidity (GPP)

General Features:

  • Integral Contact pins mounted on top of meter provide 5/16” penetration 
  • Connector for external Electrodes 
  • On-screen reading recall of up to 1400 stored readings 
  • Date and time stamp for each stored reading 
  • Job groupings 
  • Infrared linking capability with application software 
  • 9-V battery 
  • 1-year warranty 


Flooring Package: Includes meter, (1) RHT-S3 humidity sensor, (1) RHT-C1 cable, carrying case, 26-ES electrode, (10) 496 pins, (10) CS-3 sleeves, and PC/KIT with software application program. This is the most complete package available and enables you to download stored readings via I/R to a PC or laptop. T:Check/FP.