American Sanders® EPOCH Dual Speed 16" Buffer with HydraSand

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The Epoch is a dual speed, multi-purpose machine designed to meet the many demands of wood floor sanding. Used on low speed, the machine can be used as a traditional buffer for intercoat abrasion, fine finishing and polishing, or stain application. Used on high speed with theHydraSand,the Epoch acts as a planetary sander, abrading and flattening floors. Removable weights allow for various levels of adjustment.


  • Heavy duty 60 amp DC rectified motor to provide more low end torque.
  • Dual speed capability for use with various grits, wood types, and job site conditions.
  • Adjustable 25 lb weight kit allows for adjustments in sanding aggressiveness.
  • Bright, flexible LED light for improved visibility.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Dust control ready.
  • Durable canvas, low profile skirt contains dust and allows close access to wall lines.


 HYDRASAND Multi Head Sanding Discs


  1. Six 5” drive pads. 
  2. Backer pads provide smoother sanding, but may be removed 
  3. to increase aggressiveness. 
  4. Strong, six-bolt clutch plate construction transfers torque without 
  5. the use of plastic gear assembly. 
  6. Isolator/dampener provides superior handling. 
  7. Large air slots allow for premium dust collection. 
  8. Steel-encased bearings for added strength and performance. 
  9. The raised bearing shaft allows for quick, wrench-free, pad removal.