3M™ 340D Cloth Belt P180 X 37" x 75"

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Product Details
  • Premium aluminum oxide offers increased cut-rate and abrasive life
  • Open coat construction provides improved cut on all woods and helps prevent loading
  • Heavyweight cloth backing provides durability for high-production environments
  • Washable backing enables repeated use on high-loading substrates such as pine
  • Resin bond construction withstands high heat and pressure for longer service life

3M™ Cloth Belt 340D is an open coat premium grade aluminum oxide cloth belt that provides durability for aggressive stock removal, resists loading, and is suitable for a variety of applications on wood and metal. This belt is recommended for wide belt sanding, edge sanding, or portable belt sanding.


Good for Sanding Soft Woods 
Fast-cutting aluminum oxide abrasive grains are resin-bonded to a durable X-weight cotton cloth backing to provide continuous cut and long-life. The open coat and load-resistant coating make this belt particularly favorable for sanding soft woods. Additionally, the washable backing is suitable for high production environments where the belt may need washing at intervals to remove soft wood resin or pitch buildup.